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About Us

Complete Athletes training philosophies vary greatly between young, High School, collegiate and pro athletes, but some of the training principles and goals remain the same. What we hope to achieve as Strength and Conditioning Coaches is to improve our kids as overall, complete athletes. As time passes and athletes mature from adolescence to puberty to adulthood their muscular, skeletal and neurological system need to be in sync and communicate with each other in a coordinated manner. This is accomplished through an intense and progressive training approach. At the Complete Athlete Training Center we emphasize a comprehensive off-season training program that is designed to increase the strength, speed and power of each athlete while also increasing their flexibility and reduce sport injuries. During each phase of training the athletes will learn the correct techniques in a safe environment with professional supervision.

Many athletes naturally will have strength and weaknesses within their physiological make up. Some muscles will be stronger than others, some will be more flexible and some will be more dominant. Through a simple athletic assessment we can determine these strengths and weaknesses and prescribe a progressive training program that will address these muscle imbalances and help maximize their physical potential while teaching correct lifting techniques and lessening the risk of injury in sport.

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